CONTACT: Work of HIRE & Commissioning

About the artist Jason Felix

   Originally from Wisconsin, Jason was raised in a sheltered environment all most completely void of other creative & artistic minds. The only outlet for inspiration was role playing games, comics, and video games which Jason enjoyed avidly. After graduating from high school, he landed a freelance job creating vampire illustrations for White Wolf Games which lead to a fledgling artistic career in editorial print industry. Years progressed and Jason soon found his interest swayed towards crafting art for the film and video game industry. He uprooted himself and relocated to San Francisco in hope to make a dream a reality: To professionally work in the Entertainment Industry and to become a recognized name in the art world.

  Know for his innovative digital photogrpahic manipulations, Felix's work have been showcased internationally and have directly inspired numerous Hollywood projects.  He has been involved is visually establishing major compture games franchises & Films such as Star WarsMagic The Gathering, StarCraft, Price of Persia, BattleField, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and many other projects.

   Jason currently is working on many creator owned Intellectual Property projects  such as Salvaged: The Art of Jason Felix, Lost Ones, and other unannounced projects.

   In addition, Jason continues to work as a freelance professional artist in the Entertainment Industry, travels around the world appearing for event signings, and on occasion instructs at art workshops.


Can you use my artwork with your book project, poster, pitch art, or music label?

Yes, but with conditionsAny usage of the artwork for commercial means requires compensation and further discussions. Please email me all details of your project, intent of usage, and any additional information that is relevant. 

What if you don't have a budget & wish to use my artwork within your project?

Simple, afraid "no" is the answer. I've spent a life time mastering my skills, making many sacrifices along the way, and don't work for free.  But I'm still flattered that you enjoyed the work enough to ask.

Can I sign your cards through the mail?

Not at this moment in time, but I'll be sure to make formal announcements when this policy changes including schedules event appearances.

Do I exhibit at trade shows such as San Diego Comic Con?

In the past, I most certainly have and proud of it. I have exhibited at various shows such as San Diego Comic Con, Monsterpalooza, C2E2, New York Comic Con, Wonder Con, and Alternative Press Expo(APE).  At present, I don't have any shows lined up as i am back focusing on my crafting new artwork and building up  my brand.  Once I have a few more projects completed, I'll once again return to exhibiting.

Do I currently exhibit art galleries?

Not at the moment, but I am always interested in exploring opportunities. Those whom are gallery owners or those of you whom have recommendations/connections to places I should contact, be great to hear from you.